Design & Construction

At Circa Design we provide a design and construction service as an alternative to the traditional method of employing both an architect and builder as separate entities. Whether you employ Circa Design or another architect to carry out the design and planning stages of your project we are happy to take your project when the planning process is complete and hand it back to you as a finished building. The steps below outline the process of how we provide a fixed price contract with one point of contact to simplify the traditional building process.


Step 1. Your Idea

1.1 Brief Development
1.2 Concept Design


Step 2. Your Design

2.1 Developed Design
2.2 Planning Application


Step 3. Your Spec

3.1 Technical Design
3.2 Tender Documents


Step 4. Your Build

4.1 Site Inspections
4.2 Snag List


Step 5. Your Home